UWOPA Executive and Staff Pay a Courtesy Call on Government Chief Whip

UWOPA Executive and Staff led by Hon. Agnes Kunihira together with the Government Chief Whip - Hon. Thomas Tayebwa at his Parliament Building Office                                                                                                                          

Hon. Agnes Kunihira, the Workers Representative led the UWOPA team to pay a courtesy call to the Chief Whip on 29th September 2021 who noted that in the 9th Parliament, UWOPA influenced a number of gender Bills.

The Domestic Violence Act 2010, the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act 2010, the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act 2009, the HIV/AIDs Prevention & Control Act 2014, UWOPA influenced Gender Responsive Budgeting on issues of Maternal Health and monitoring the implementation of Gender and Equity Certificate Compliance as well as the Public Finance Management Act, 2015 with a provision of Gender and Equity Compliance. In the 10th Parliament, UWOPA championed the passing of the Children’s Amendment Act 2016 (CAP 59), the Sexual Offences Bill 2019, the Employment Amendment Bill 2019 and the Succession Amendment Bill 2018. Although H.E the President sent back the Sexual Offences Bill 2019 and the Succession Amendment Bill 2018 to Parliament for reconsideration.

She also added and noted that UWOPA is developing a Strategic Plan 2021-2026 to guide programming and also draw a road map for implementation of projects in the next five years and also noted that Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP) is almost at the verge of collapsing because of government adoption of the Parish Model which amalgamates all government programs through the Micro Finance Support Centre she then requested for support  to ensure that UWEP is saved so that women remain visible as they will be able to access funds through the UWEP Program and also recommend donors to support UWOPA in advancing rights and protection of women and girls in the country.

Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, the Government Chief Whip


Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, Government Chief Wipe in his response to the above noted that the Private members Bills are good because they check the works of government however it is important to work with government so that the interests of government are also captured to speed the process of the Bills and also avoid the Bills from being sent back by H.E the president.

Courtesy call to theOffice of the Government Chief Whip by UWOPA Executive and UWOPA Staff

He noted that Government is going to take up the Succession Amendment Bill and address the comments made by the President and process it to be sent back to the floor of Parliament and urged  UWOPA to consult the Attorney General on the Sexual Offense Bill . He said that it is easier for Government to process Bills and also get the certificate of Financial Implication within the shortest time possible therefore he encouraged UWOPA to work closely with the office of the Government Chief wipe so as to push the Bills further. In regards to the Employment Amendment Bill, He pledged to make a follow up with the President’s Office to inquire about the status of the Bill. On UWEP he noted that 30% of the parish model fund would be reserved for women unlike the little money under UWEP as a stand alone program . He however said discussions are ongoing and there is need for Government, Ministry of Gender and Ministry of Local Government to dialogue over the issue of UWEP.



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