Parliament Passes The Employment Amendment Bill 2019 into Law


The object to the Bill is to amend the Employment Act to operationalize the provisions of Article 40 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda to all categories of workers in Uganda    specifically make provision for the regulation of employment of domestic workers in Uganda so as to improve their working conditions, to provide for the protection of rights of domestic workers; to provide for the welfare, protection and security of domestic workers, to provide for compulsory registration and licensing of  recruitment agencies for domestic workers, to provide for and explicit formula for calculation of severance pay; to remove the conditions attached to payment of severance pay; to provide for the recruitment and employment of Ugandan migrant workers abroad;   to provide for the protection of working breast feeding mothers; to require  employers to put in place policies and facilities for breast feeding mothers; to prohibit employment of persons as casual employees for more than three months with the same employer and to provide for conversation of casual employment  

The Employment Amendment Bill 2019 was read for the first time on 3rd December 2019 and referred to the Parliament Committee on Gender Labor and Social Development for scrutiny.