Strategic Objectives 2006-2010

The core activities of UWOPA were grouped under the eight strategic objectives to be delivered between 2006 –2010.  

The outputs that were planned to assist UWOPA to achieve her vision and mission are:-

  1. To engender the legislative process in Parliament and address the gaps therein.
  2. To develop and promote solidarity and mutuality between UWOPA members, to enable them triumph beyond the ideologies of their respective political parties.
  3. To mobilize and support women at all levels to participate in political leadership and development.
  4. To network and collaborate with local and international CSOs and institutions.
  5. To monitor and evaluate the operations of UWOPA in and out of Parliament and document them.
  6. To document the impact of women’s participation in politics and leadership in Uganda.
  7. To build and strengthen UWOPAs institutional capacity development and to ensure efficient and effective performance of programs

To ensure the realization of the Common Women’s Legislative Agenda.