Uganda Parliamentary Women Association (UWOPA) is a Parliament Caucus comprising of all women members of parliament but open to male members as associates or horary members. This Association was established during the 5th parliament of Uganda (1989-1994) with the aim of engendering the legislative process, creating awareness campaigns and encouraging lobbying and advocacy, networking, exchange programmes, training and institutional and organizational capacity building.    

UWOPA provides a forum for women members of parliament to discuss, share experiences and support activities that facilitate women’s participation and leadership in all dimensions of politics including socio economics, science and technology. UWOPA is a major contributor to a just and gender sensitive constitution, legislation, national policies that enable political, social and economic empowerment of women and men in Uganda.


To ensure social justice, peace and economic empowerment for all Ugandans.


To ensure engendered laws, policies, political processes and equality in resource allocation to improve the quality of life of women through effective representation, capacity building, political support and networking.

Values and Principles

UWOPA is driven by the following values and principles:-

(a)  Commitment to the Cause

(b)  Integrity

(c)  Respect for each other

(d)  Accountability and Transparence

(F)  Equity  and Gender Sensitivity

(d)  Promotion of Partnerships

(e)  Efficiency and Flexibility

(f)  Team work and Unity

(g)  Promotion of a non partisan spirit