UWOPA Meets Minister of Presidency

Meeting with Minister of Presidency

UWOPA Executive members met with the Minister of Presidency, Hon. Esther Mbayo to have the new executive team introduced as well as discuss opportunities within the Ministry that could benefit Women in the country. Members of the executive wanted women members to be involved in district activities and also take part in International trips to enable them gain exposure.

Hon. Nasiyo Pamela having an interaction with Hon. Mbayo, Minister of Presidency

Hon. Nasiyo Pamela having an interaction with Hon. Mbayo, Minister of Presidency

The UWEP program still has a very small budget allocated yet more women groups are not fully funded across the country. The SAGE Program covers few districts with most districts not yet considered to benefit the senior citizens. 

The number of female RDCs is small and also MPs requested to be informed about distribution of scholarships  for school scheme, how many girls were benefiting, whether all districts where being considered and what criteria was being used in giving scholarships. 

Hon. Esther Mbayo appreciated concerns and stated that opportunities in her office for women included; RDCs and Presidential advisors pointing out that the President has the mandate to appoint RDCs. She emphasized that 30% of RDCs constitute the women and that a third of Kampala is maned by women. She is doing a great the job of balancing leadership, with RDCs in 128 districts and deputy RDCs in some districts.

The Minister also pointed out the Presidential Initiative to skilling the girl child which has helped in reducing the number of sex workers because reskilling them and providing them with tools. This is with help from police who bring girls and talk to them in order to change their mind set forexmple; in Migeera, Nakawa and Wandegeya where Juwakaali has been established. 

Cabinet took a decision that the SAGE program would be rolled out throughout the country but beneficiaries shall be of age of 80 years.