women MPs have voiced out their concern on the killings of women happening in Wakiso district

Women MPs have voiced their concern on the women being killed in Wakiso District!

The Secretary General of Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), also MP Lira Hon. Joy Atim Ongom today Tuesday 5th September 2017 raised a matter of national importance on the floor of Parliament about the increasing cases of killing of women in Wakiso district. She noted that 20 women have been killed in a humiliating manner in this area. Demanding that the Minister of Internal Affairs and that of Security brings a comprehensive statement to Parliament on what government is doing in ensuring that Ugandans are safe and secure. She stated that women needed safety and protection considering that they were now living in fear as they do business. She said that women lived in fear as they were not secure in their country anymore. The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Winfred Kiiza said that it was not proper for the House to proceed discussing the matter in the absence of the responsible sector ministers. “The Ministers of Defence, Security and Internal Affairs are not in the house to listen to our cries. The matter of mothers of the nation being killed is not a trivial one. We need a statement from government immediately,” she said. Hon. Odonga Otto (FDC, Aruu), said that Parliament and the country urgently needed answers about the murders and moved a motion to adjourn the House until government presents an explanation. “We have been watching the killings on TV; we have just returned from recess and the main business today should have been a statement on the killings,” said Hon. Odonga Otto. Not another woman!